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Last Push before Fort Yargo XTERRA

Here is a quick run-down of my final run-up to the race: Saturday, 12 April Day off Sunday, 13 April Brick: 25-minute bike followed by a 35-minute run – both at tempo or higher. Spent most of the afternoon paddling … Continue reading

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Couple Questions Answered on Fitness Podcasts

I am an avid podcast listener, as I’ve had it with our standard sound-bite culture and now much prefer long-form conversation and the idea that I can pull what I want from the information vortex rather than having information pushed … Continue reading

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I Done Run / The Mini Brick

As I’m tipping my hat to the South for a rhyming title, I have to admit that it fits. Done. I run. Well… I thought I ran, but then 2013 happened, and I haven’t run since the middle of July. … Continue reading

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Qualification for XTERRA Nationals

With my result at Whitewater, I ended up qualifying for the XTERRA National Championship. Here is what they sent via email: “Congratulations! Your outstanding performance in this year’s XTERRA America Tour has qualified you to compete at the prestigious XTERRA … Continue reading

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Race Report / Part II – XTERRA Whitewater – Charlotte, NC, 14 July 2013

Prerace Race morning started a bit rocky with the alarm and the wake-up call not coming through (glad I had the back up plan, huh?), but luckily, I get up early anyway, and I didn’t lose much time. After a quick … Continue reading

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Race Report / Part I – XTERRA Whitewater – Charlotte, NC, 14 July 2013

Pre-Race Happenings For the two weeks leading up to my taper week, I was able to get in some solid training. My injuries were still lingering but not as strong, and I did a sort of reverse taper. I started … Continue reading

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Training Report – June 18-22

With the Whitewater Xterra looming on the now nearing horizon, I’ve started to shift my training slightly. My goal is to decrease volume slightly and increase intensity. My hope is that since the race is not quite as long, this … Continue reading

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