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Last Push before Fort Yargo XTERRA

Here is a quick run-down of my final run-up to the race: Saturday, 12 April Day off Sunday, 13 April Brick: 25-minute bike followed by a 35-minute run – both at tempo or higher. Spent most of the afternoon paddling … Continue reading

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Training Report – March 25 – 30

This week marked one month out from the XTERRA in Yargo, GA, and I took that to mean I better see what I can do. That’s right… I am attempting to hit it hard – real training rather than having … Continue reading

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Ben Greenfield Podcast, Butts, and Peeing on a Fire Hydrant

The above clip is from the Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast. Recently, I’ve been doing all kinds of things to help rehab my hips (especially hip flexors) and my knees. I am really focusing on the weakness in my left leg, … Continue reading

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Training and Taper Report – May 13-17

As race week arrived, I planned to get in some light training to not accidentally de-train, but I didn’t want to go into the race on tired legs, which definitely slowed me down in Miami – my day before pre-ride … Continue reading

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Training Report – April 22-28

For Monday through Thursday, I really tried to take it easy. I did quite a few long, mellow rides with Lily around the neighborhood and followed these with lots of stretching and some workouts with body weight at home. Since … Continue reading

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Dr. Phil Maffetone on the Talk Ultra Podcast

I couldn’t help but re-post this interview. It is interesting to hear the information from the man himself. Here are a couple links: Dr. Phil Maffetone and Talk Ultra. I hope it comes through well. I’m still experimenting with various delivery methods.

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Feb 26 – March 3

Weird week. The surf finally came up, so that was my focus. And my wife went out of town, which disrupted my training plans. I certainly found some creative ways to fit it in, but I didn’t get in the … Continue reading

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Report for the Week of Monday, 28 Jan. – Sunday, 3 Feb.

Since the previous week was a bit different in my schedule, I ended up with a rest day on Sunday, though for me, rest certainly is not sitting on the couch all day. About middle of the day, Gabe, Shael … Continue reading

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