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More Winter Surfing with a Surprise

  l l On Sunday 5 Jan and 6 Jan, the waves were cranking again, but I had a bit of an accident on Monday morning. Head on over to Ponceunderground to read the narrative.

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It Ain’t in the Woods

I have something to admit: Surfing is not in the “woods of Florida” and it is not “swim, bike, run,” but it is certainly open water and immersed in the elements. But… Does it count? Hell yeah! It counts and … Continue reading

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Happy Hollowdaze

In many ways, I want to be writing up a “week of” report or a race report or a post about some long epic outing I went on, but I’m still not truly able to train. This injury is still … Continue reading

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Training Report – April 22-28

For Monday through Thursday, I really tried to take it easy. I did quite a few long, mellow rides with Lily around the neighborhood and followed these with lots of stretching and some workouts with body weight at home. Since … Continue reading

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