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My Current Status

I wish I could say that I ready and gunning for a gnarly season in 2014, which is what I was planning at the beginning of the 2013 season, but it just isn’t going to happen, and I’ve been avoiding … Continue reading

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I Done Run / The Mini Brick

As I’m tipping my hat to the South for a rhyming title, I have to admit that it fits. Done. I run. Well… I thought I ran, but then 2013 happened, and I haven’t run since the middle of July. … Continue reading

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Quick Tip for Myofascial Release

For a funny way to get tools for self-myofascial release, all you have to do is head to your local pet store. There will be a wide variety of dog toys in various densities and sizes. Many of them work … Continue reading

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2013 XTERRA Southeast Region Results

The race at Whitewater was my last of the season. Though I planned to race a few more times this year, Whitewater was my last race for the Southeast Region point series. So, the season was over, which was one … Continue reading

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