I’ve been an avid surfer and mountain biker for most of my life. These passions wax and wane here and there but never for too long. After a few stints with injury and a genetic predisposition for high blood pressure, a lifestyle change was in order, which was my catalyst for getting back on the bike and cross training with the main goal as overall health through fitness and a secondary of trying my hand at triathlon.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been cross training in the woods in and around the Volusia County area of Florida. We have tons of fun singletrack with enough elevation gain to make it fun on foot and on bike. My local trail is Martins Dairy at the Spruce Creek Preserve. The main loop is just under seven miles, but I can leave from my house and get onto the trails from the east side and increase the distance considerably. It is a great place to train. Beautiful, full of life, and well-maintained.

Riding and running the Dairy loop and other local trails at the crack of dawn is part of my normal routine, and if you’ve ever been the first one through a Florida trail in the early morning, you will understand why my blog is titled “Spiderwebs and Sweat.” The title echoes the two most prominent parts of my training, especially in the summertime when the heat and humidity reach the unbearable range for many months. The sweat begins before my first crank of the pedals, and the spiderwebs decorate my cables, my helmet, my visor, and my face and body within the first mile. It pays to ride with others and share the burden, but in the summer, it is more difficult to find willing riders and runners (sometimes I hit the trail before 6:00 am), so I find myself clearing the trail regularly.

I will use this blog to reflect on my training and the trail conditions and as a way to post ride reports and race reports.


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