Last Push before Fort Yargo XTERRA

Here is a quick run-down of my final run-up to the race:

Saturday, 12 April
Day off

Sunday, 13 April
Brick: 25-minute bike followed by a 35-minute run – both at tempo or higher. Spent most of the afternoon paddling a Kayak. It’s good to mix it up. Burned some serious calories and got a great does of sunshine and good times.

Monday, 14 April
Swim: 30 minutes – alternated with and without pull buoy.

Tuesday, 15 April
Yoga: 60 minutes – Sunrise Flow at Kula. I surfed for about an hour and a half later in the day. Not great surf but always good to get out there and recharge the spirit.

Wednesday, 16 April
Bike: 90 minutes – 30 minutes of tempo or higher at Martins Dairy and then about an hour of cruising with friends. Just a fun day in the woods.

Thursday, 17 April
Run: 40 minutes – Fartlek style intervals at home on the trail.

The peaks and valleys of intervals. Trying my best to gain some speed.

The peaks and valleys of intervals. Trying my best to gain some speed.

Finished the day with a 60-minute Yin Yoga session at Kula. Slightly mellower than the last few Yin classes but so good.

Friday, 18 April
Bike: 90 minutes – a somewhat mellow cruise around the Dairy with friends. It was a beautiful day in the woods, and we stepped into a few intervals along the way.

Saturday, 19 April
Surf: over 3 hours – I surfed in Wilbur by the Sea in the morning and the walkways at Ponce Inlet in the afternoon. Both sessions were super fun. Good size and swell direction with clean conditions and spring-time water temperature. It was just a wonderful day to spent in the water.

Sunday, 20 April (the beginning of my taper for the race)
Day off

Monday, 21 April
Day off

Tuesday, 22 April
Yoga: 60 minutes – Sunrise Flow at Kula. On this morning, I took it a bit easy. This is what I truly love about yoga. It is my practice, and I’ve become competent enough to be able to control my effort level. The yogis at Kula have always been welcoming to everyone and are great at a sending a consistent message about being in control of your own practice.

Wednesday, 23 April
Bike: 60 minutes – a nice mellow cruise around Martins Dairy.

Thursday 24 April
Swim: 25 minutes – yeah, I slacked. Just couldn’t finish the last 5 minutes. I’m sure it will have a drastic impact on my race. I hope I can find a way to deal with such heavy guilt.

Friday, 25 April
Bike: 60 minutes – after the 7 or so hours of driving to the Ft. Yargo area, I pre-rode a bit of the course to get acclimated to the trail conditions. I rode a section of the run course
(I wanted to avoid having to complete the entire bike loop) and the Monster Mile, which is the most technical trail on the track. I’m glad I rode; I gained some confidence, learned some of the tighter sections of trail, and found that I needed to drop tire pressure to avoid some unwanted slippage.

Saturday, 26 April
Race report coming soon…

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Associate Professor of English, Daytona State College / Thinker / Ponce Inlet Surfer / Improviser / Dad
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  1. angie says:

    Where have you been?

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