Training Report – March 31 – April 11 – Long Block

Monday, 31 March
As my usual, I started the week with a day off; it seems to work, well, until it doesn’t. Seven-day blocks are sometimes not enough.

Tuesday, 1 April
I continue to be able to crack it and drive to the yoga studio in the dark for a bit of Sunrise Vinyassa Flow. It is a great way to start the day/week and get my body ready for what I’ll put it through as the week unfolds. It can be a tough class, but on this day I added some stuff to make it tougher – plank, push-ups, and some strap stretches for my IT band and whatever anatomical structures run up and down the other side.

Later in the day, I found my way across the sidewalk for a 30-minute swim. Fairly easy with 10 minutes standard and 20 minutes with a swim float. I have been feeling good with the shorter, more frequent swims. More than anything, they are easier to schedule and get done. When feeling strong, I can just go harder, which is what I need right now anyway. My base will always be there in the water.

Wednesday, 2 April
Started the morning on the bike for 60 minutes around tempo meandering through Martins Dairy. I headed straight out to Grueler for 3Xs hills – 1 to Face and 2 to the top of Innerloop (slightly shorter) and back around. I left the electronics at home but still stayed at high heart rate by feel.

Again, I found my way to a 30-minute swim. This time, I did two sets of 5 minutes with the float, 5 minutes with the paddles and float, and then 5 minutes standard.

Thursday, 3 April
My running seems to be getting slightly stronger. I got in 6 laps at home; the trail is 3/4 mile, which is right about the distance of the run split at Yargo. Here is some data; still hadn’t paired my foot pod for cadence and pace:

This was a kind of impromptu MAF run/test. I was able to keep it consistent. Not speedy yet but getting there.

This was a kind of impromptu MAF run/test. I was able to keep it consistent. Not speedy yet but getting there.

Finished the day with a mildly more difficult Yin Yoga session. As most days, it was 60 minutes. The substitute instructor definitely worked us harder. It felt more like a cross between Vinyassa and Yin.

Friday, 4 April
Fridays can often work for a long day out. I made this a variable day. Felt I needed more fun than torture. I got in about 2 hours at ye ole Dairy. Headed out the back door, rode two loops, added some Florida-style softsand climbing, took a 10 minute beer and banana break, rode to the top of the Innerloop, and then finished the single track on the way back through the back door and home. It felt like a long ride on tired legs. Maybe the beer had some impact. No. Can’t blame the beer.

Saturday, 5 April
I ran the trail at home again. This time for about 35 minutes. I wanted to push and see what I could do and monitor with my Garmin (see below), but for some reason I struggled to raise and keep my heart rate up. Not sure if what was going on. Fatigue. Probably.

Did get some interesting data though:

Bunch of run data. Finally got my electronics running.

Bunch of run data. Finally got my electronics running.

My cadence, average pace, and best pace do give me a bit of hope. Hips did not give me too much grief. Just the normal age complaints. Easy to ignore, sometimes.

Sunday, 6 April
A few waves arrived, so I grabbed about an 1:45 in the water. Once the tide dropped, most of the swell went with it. Called it a day and went home for a short 20-minute brick: 1 bike lap warm-up, 1 bike lap at tempo, transition practice, one lap running at tempo, 1 bike lap to cool down. It was interesting. Following a surf was a good idea, so this might become a favorite work out. Modified triathlon.

Monday, 7 April
Instead of my normal day off, I hit up the pool for a 30-minute swim: 20 minutes with the float, 10 without. I sense a pattern developing. I hope it is not stagnation.

A couple days prior, I borrowed a martial-arts-style kick tower. I want to modify some workouts, so I can continue cardio even with tired multi-sport muscles. This was my first attempt. I got in about 20-30 minutes of not-sure-what-to-call-it-yet training. It is kind of a combination of punching, kicking and spazzing.

I felt this was kind of a day of active recovery. Not too much impact. Just time.

Tuesday, 8 April
See 1 April, though I did a 30-minute swim all with the float. Tired legs and bike day coming.

Wednesday, 9 April
This is when the week started getting messy. I did get in 90 minutes, but it was ugly. I went down twice kind of hard. For about the first half of the ride, it was pitch black, and all the new trees and foliage were drooping low with rain water from a late night storm. It was like riding through a wet tunnel with blinders. Hit a root, banged my shin and knees and rolled around in the bushes. Later on, I hit a patch of damp sand on top of sugar sand, which felt like hitting wet cement. Front tire lost tracking, fish tailed, and when I pulled my foot out and put it town, I banged the shit out of my other knee. What a bitch. Next time I ride in the dark, I’m wearing pads.

In the evening, I did 20 minutes of bag work – see 7 April for visual description.

Thursday, 10 April
Had a good 30-minute swim. Though I did use the float the whole time, my form felt really smooth, and my pace was super consistent. I was dancing and pulling the water. No fighting at all, even toward the end.

Made it to Kula again. It was the same 60-minute Yin session, but it was yet another instructor, who pushes a bit harder.

Later in the evening, I wanted to run, but I didn’t want to push it and risk injury. Feeling on the edge; tomorrow is always a new day. Long blocks reveal cautionary tales.

Friday, 11 April
I ended up finishing with one of the best days of overall training ever. The day started with a solid 25-minute run at or around tempo. About midday, my 7-year old son, Shael – who turned 7 on Thursday, and I headed out for a special ride at Little Big Econ State Forest. We set out for a good long ride, but I was so impressed with his endurance that we just kept going. We ended up making it to the farthest point I can find along the river. The trails are not that technical early on, but there are some quick drops and climbs and roots that can be tricky, and down right tough for my little. We ended up riding between 2:45 and 3 hours. Yes. No lie. No exaggeration. We were out longer, but I subtracted a bit for stopping for a drink and gazing with excitement and concern at the sheer numbers and gargantuan size of the alligators. We saw at least six – five were what I’d think would be in the 10-foot range. One was so close across the far bank that we both got the creeps – note: I grew up in Florida, so there suckers were no joke. I’ll post a bit more on that later. Last, we did this ride with nothing but water and one gel between us. Impressive little guy!

This was definitely a long block of training. My body did well. Nothing to egregious to write about. Just normal fatigue and some bruises. Nothing a bit of Arnica won’t make short work of. Sorry for the long post. If you made it this far, congratulations; your perseverance is endurance on its own.



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