Training Report – March 25 – 30

This week marked one month out from the XTERRA in Yargo, GA, and I took that to mean I better see what I can do. That’s right… I am attempting to hit it hard – real training rather than having fun riding mountain bikes and even more fun in the parking lot drinking beer with the boys. The latter can certainly be more entertaining and less painful, but it is time for me to either get fat or get fit. Shit. I even dusted off my Garmin, though the thing has been so lonely that it lost its energy to live, and I had to go to the store to get a battery to bring it back to life. Maybe there is a metaphor lurking in there somewhere, but I’m not sure if someone shoved a battery up my proverbial who-ha, it would do any good, so I guess I’ll just have to eat some food, drink some fluids, get some rest and see if there’s any life left in my cells…

Here is what I accomplished in a six-day window:

Tuesday, 25 March
Yoga: 60 mins – Sunrise Flow – Vinyasa can be tough. I’ve replaced strength training at the gym for yoga. Not sure about the efficacy yet. Time will tell, though I love Kula.

Swim: 45 mins – 5- minute warm up with swim buoy. 15 minutes standard freestyle for at test. I got in about 40 laps / 1000 yards. Not too bad but will improve. I finished with a rotation of with and without the buoy. I don’t want to push it yet.

Wednesday, 26 March
Run: 45 mins – I completed 6 laps at home on our trail with a bit extra at the end to complete the 45 mins – not too bad. The run equates to about 5 miles, which is the longest I’ve run since Whitewater in July. Success. Yes. Baby steps. Thanks Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

Thursday, 27 March
Bike: 90 mins – I hit up the Dairy, which I can now access without touching pavement and alternated with intervals to need.

Bike graph. The peaks are hill repeats. Soft sand with slight incline is the best I can do around here.

Bike graph. The peaks are hill repeats. Soft sand with slight incline is the best I can do around here.

7-minute brick at MAF.

7-minute brick at MAF.

Once I got home, I did a quick 7-minute run to force out the brick. Legs felt ok, surprisingly.

Yoga: 60 mins – Yin is a bit slower and the poses are held longer. It was a perfect complement to the day. Just beautiful. Not much else to say.

Friday, 28 March
Swim: 30 mins – Quick swim. Not much time. 2o minutes with buoy. 10 without. Just getting in the time. Muscle memory is so important leading up to races, at least that is what I’m telling myself.

Bike: 2:00 hours – just shy of – Road all around both sides of Dairy. This was a classic Fartlek ride conforming to the terrain and my energy level – only ate a banana and a gel – probably burned 1000 C. Metabolic efficiency is such the contemporary new trend. Or is it? Damn. Is that how they tracked down elk back in the day? Not sure. But eating less makes things easier on a mountain bike. Crashing with a gel in hand certainly won’t speed anyone up. Just makes for a sticky mess.

Saturday, 29 March
Run: 60 mins – see Garmin graph. Forgot my foot pod. Oh well… Next time. This was my longest run since Wednesday.

60-minute trail run. Not great numbers but quite consistent.

60-minute trail run. Not great numbers but quite consistent.

Sunday, 30 March
Bike: 90 minutes – I felt ok. It was a long week of work and trying to train. The math ruled this day. 10 hours total seemed like a nice number, so I made sure I got in 10 hours. Wow. Now, don’t I feel good about myself. Not really, but it is better than complaining about my hips and my aging body. 

Swim: 1:45
Bike: 5:00
Run: 1:52
Yoga: 2:00
Total: app. 10:30

Today (April Fool’s Day) marked the beginning of another week. I will continue what I’ve started and see if this body can withstand. If not, there is always the joy of drinking beer and watching the body grow in different directions – body, mind and spirit…


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