A Damn Good Day for Fitness

As I continue to nurse my injuries from last year’s over-training and over-racing, I’ve come to terms with several things: 1) Time is essential yet painfully dreadful (I want, but I shouldn’t. I can’t, but I do. Don’t take this advice); 2) Life does exist outside endurance sports (True, but I still don’t act on it); 3) Pain is manageable (True, but some pain is not physical); 4) I’m not going to stop (I can go easy, but I can’t); 5) Beer helps (Not really, but it really helps the non-physical. Again, don’t take this advice).

This past Sunday, I ignored all of this, and the above played out in perfect unison. With a headache from too many beers on Saturday, I headed out early for my morning ride (with my Irish Setter Lily) to warm up my haggard body. Nothing felt too out of sorts, and I continued into my normal stretching/yoga routine. I followed this with about 20 minutes of running on the trail I built on our property and added a couple short bursts of speed to test the waters. I checked the time and had just enough of a window to ride my funky little Revive bike to the yoga studio . Kula rips!

The yoga session is their Sunday Detox, which is a bit longer than normal at 1:15, and it is not for the weary. Suffice it to say that I didn’t make it through every pose, and had to opt out a couple times and take a resting pose. After the class, I was stalling a bit to get in some much needed hydration and to give my legs some recovery before the ride home that I forced upon myself, which is both good and evil – like the old cartoons with the angel and devil on each shoulder. One is saying, “This will be lovely and good for you.” The other saying, “Hahaha. You just wait until after yoga.”

With my over-dramatizing aside, it ended up being a great day out. The weather was perfect – mid 70s – and the sun was shining. But the joke was on me. Since I had to be to the studio by a certain time, I had to ride hard on the way there, and, of course, this always means a stiff headwind. Right? And, as Murphy states, the little red guy on my shoulder is destined to win, as I was rewarded with a wind switch and a stiff headwind on the way home as well. Lucky me.

My total time for the day ended up being slightly over three hours (bike ride was about 40 minutes each way); it’s been a long time since I hit numbers like that, and I’m already looking forward to next Sunday. Heck, maybe it will gradually get easier or I’ll be gifted with a tailwind on the way home.

And to bookend this post, here is what was waiting for me when I got home (after some food, of course):

New Belgium Brewery’s Ranger IPA. A lovely brew. Photo: I took it from the web. Laziness, I know.

About Jim Newell

Associate Professor of English, Daytona State College / Thinker / Ponce Inlet Surfer / Improviser / Dad
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