Training Report – April 22-28

For Monday through Thursday, I really tried to take it easy. I did quite a few long, mellow rides with Lily around the neighborhood and followed these with lots of stretching and some workouts with body weight at home. Since my knees have been bugging me, I’ve laid of running for this week and have been focusing on mellow biking, core and swimming. On Wednesday, I rode with the boys at Dairy. We’ve had some light rain, so the conditions have improved greatly. Bob lent me his Santa Cruz Superlight, which was a real treat. I’d never been on a full suspension. As Bob mentioned, “You probably won’t go any faster; you’ll just be more comfortable.” Well said and accurate. I did get in a fun surf as well that day, but I somehow pulled a minor core muscle. It is really weird; it doesn’t hurt at all except when I paddle while lying on my surfboard. Just strange.

Bob coming through the trees.

Bob coming through the trees at Graham Swamp.


Bob and I headed to Graham Swamp for the Friday jam; we rode about 15 miles in some hard trail conditions. With the light rains, the conditions were not all time, but the sandy spots were not as prevalent as they been on past rides. Our ride time was under 2 hours, and toward the end of the second lap, I built in some interval work and felt great. My body has recovered quite well, I predicted my food needs perfectly, and my Kona is back together and working really well.

Even with family plans, I was able to find my way into another 1:45 at 20 miles on the bike. It was a combo of road and trail, and I blasted some speed work and hill work at a heart rate of 165-175 (not sure my max or my threshold – I think my aerobic zone is between 135-150). For the ride, I took off from home, hit up Our Trail and the Ford Loop at the East Dairy entrance, rode to my Mom’s for a lap on the trail, and then took a break. We spent some time chillin’ outside, and I had some snacks and a couple beers. Before heading home, I rode a couple laps with Shael and then took the long way home through the west end of the Dairy trails. I rode out to the Inner Loop, hopped on the end of Face > Bell > Grueler > Kaye Paul. I took the back way from KP through the Ford Loop and headed on home. It was great to fit all of this into a day of chores, yard work, and spending time with family.

We finally had some surf with partially cooperative winds. The conditions were still messy (intense head high+ onshore conditions), but the wind was out of the east rather than side shore. The whole family made it down to Wilbur by the Sea for some much-needed beach time. After surfing for about an hour (I cut it short due to pain in my core.) and taking Gabe for a splash and Shael for a surf, I did two in and outs (in a spring suit). I ran up the beach and out through the waves, swam up and back alternating with the current for about 15 minutes or so, body surfed / swam back in, ran up the beach and repeated. Talk about a workout. With those conditions and the consistency of the waves, I was spent. Again, I love when I can find a good balance on the weekends. I get in the work I need without missing out on family time.

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