Report – April 15-21

Apr 15
Monday started early with a Swim. I planned to get in more, but work got in the way, so I eked out a fairly easy 30 minutes. I felt sluggish with heavy legs. Later in the day, I fit in 30 minutes of easy cruising on the bike. Again, I felt sluggish, but the real problem arises now, as I can’t remember what bike or where I rode. I guess this means it wasn’t just tired, heavy legs getting in the way. Mental fatigue builds up just as much and can be tricky to predict.

Apr 16
After what I was thinking as a warm-up to the week on Monday, I thought I would mix it up and go out at day break for a run. I felt good as I went out. I was just cruising at my all day aerobic pace through the steamy Florida morning in the woods along Spruce Creek. This certainly didn’t last. Heavy legs, low light, and mental fatigue (hindsight analysis) took over again, and I ended up falling three times – ridiculous. I didn’t cut, scrap, break, or hurt anything. On the third time, the little pride and ego I had after the second fall spilled out onto the trail with my water bottle as I dredged myself in sugar sand. At this point and alone in the woods, I felt compelled to yell out loud: “Three times Jim? What the fuck, man? Come on.” But I picked up myself and bottle, brushed off the sand, left my pride right there, took a sip of water and got back to pace – crunching on a bit of sand, as if it was an extra bit of mental pain (maybe preparing me for the level I hope to push on the mountain in Pelham). Total: 93+ minutes.

After work, I dragged myself to the gym (not sure if I should still be going at this point in my season) for about 50 minutes. I went really easy on my legs and focused on upper body, swim muscles, and lots of core. Once I got moving, I felt better than expected.

I just received a new Garmin watch in the mail; I couldn’t figure everything out for my morning stumble through Martins Dairy, but I did test it in the Gym and hope that is will give me good data and a better indication of whether or not I’m properly training. Overall, I’m using a combination of Maffetone’s aerobic zone theory (see the interview in an early post) and polarized training. My current intuition is that it is working; we’ll see how many drop me at Oak Mountain.

Apr 17
For Wednesday, it was back to the Dairy for some time in the saddle. I rode two laps with high-intensity intervals through Kaye Paul.

Heart rate graph - 17 April 2013 on the bike at Martins Dairy. The two bumps indicate the intervals through Kaye Paul

Heart rate graph – 17 April 2013 on the bike at Martins Dairy. The two bumps indicate the intervals through Kaye Paul

The total was around 90 minutes, and after the sluggish couple of days, I felt much better. I don’t know which was overcoming fatigue better – body or mind. Maybe I need my spirit to intervene. For this ride, I got my first real look at my heart rate, though I did forget to start the watch until a little ways in.

Apr 18
On Thursday, I went with my standard swim and gym for about 45 minutes each. My swim started with an easy 15-minute warm up to intermittent high-intensity intervals – 3Xs 200 – with a swim float to save my legs. At the gym I worked all muscle groups for two sets, though I did go easy on my legs – mainly maintenance at this point.

Apr 19 – Highlight of the Week
For the Friday bike jam, Bob and I headed out to DeLeon Springs for some laps at Chuck Lennon. We had a great ride – about 90 minutes / 14 miles on the trails. The trail conditions just don’t get much better. With a bit of miraculous water from the sky, the trail were slightly damp and packed. We completed two full laps with a bunch of extra time on Red Dragon. Good fun.

I did wear the monitor. For this ride, my heart rate was much more consistent. It is really difficult to keep it consistent while trail riding. Certainly not like the road or on a trainer.

I did wear the monitor. For this ride, my heart rate was much more consistent. It is really difficult to keep it consistent while trail riding. Certainly not like the road or on a trainer.

The trails were so smooth that I felt as if I wasn’t even working; I was just rolling through sections with very little effort. I must have pedaled hundreds and hundreds less rotations than a normal day. Kevin and the other trail stewards have been hard at work on both the trails and the legal sanctioning. There are a couple new features – most prominently a new section on Red Dragon and some cleaning up and smoothing out of that trail. Thanks. We just scored.

The only negative of the day was my bike broke. The good news is that for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out why I’ve been having drive trains issues. It was becoming worse on Wednesday, and Chuck Lennon sent it over the edge. Through the course of the day (I wasn’t going to stop. No way), I kept thinking about the problem and trying to diagnose what was failing. For awhile, I thought the problem (clunky cranks and a increasingly worse ticking in my back wheel) went away went seated, but then it started happening when seated as well. I finally determined that the problem happened when I wasn’t pedaling – must be my free hub. A relatively inexpensive and easy fix.

I finished the day with a 30-minute aerobic run at my Mom’s. I felt decent, but toward the end of the run, I could feel some niggles developing in my knees, mainly below my right knee cap on the outside (a normal issue for me). I knew it was time to take a break.

Apr 20-21
After Friday’s ride and all that I’ve been doing, with little to no break after Miami, my body was breaking down and calling for rest. With my bike out of commission until I can get a new free hub body, this weekend started the recovery week that Casey recommended in a four-week cycle. Saturday and Sunday consisted of long zone zero rides with my dog Lily, a ton of stretching, and some light riding with Shael and friends at my Mom’s. My sluggish body was calling for some down time.

Note: Even though this week became my first dip into the world of Garmin and its cyborg-like monitoring, I am not completely going to the dark side. I will keep plenty of days when I go out with nothing but water and a snack. As Coach Brett always recommends, I want to train my body not the watch.

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