Feb. 19th – 24th

Fairly standard week of training. I got in about 10 hours of varied swim, bike, run, and gym. The main thing I’m seeing right now is how strong I’m getting again in the pool.  At then end of last year, I didn’t focus on swimming because of my duathlon in December, so I did slow down, and then the chest and elbow injuries kept me out of the pool even longer, but now, I’m back and with the combination of what I call “swim and gym” days, my normal pace is increasing and my intervals are getting longer. I usually hit the pool on Tuesday and Thursday morning and then do strength training in the gym in the afternoon. These make for good two-hour days – one hour each.

My brick days were Friday and Sunday, as usual. On Friday, I crushed myself on the bike. This felt good, but I think I may be doing too much in the grey area or  – “no man’s land” as they call it. I need to do more with a guilty slow pace with zone 4+ intervals to all out oxygen and lactic threshold levels. On Friday, I did two intervals up Grueler to the middle of Face on the Overlook and Innerloops and just crushed myself. Gasping for air on the first and then almost feeling like throwing up on the second lap. Painful but beneficial. I did a lot more riding, some with the boys and some solo. I rode for about 2:45 at 25 miles or so.

On Sunday, I did a sort of simulation of the X-terra in Miami, just not a full race pace. I wanted to test the distance and how I felt off the bike. I rode about a mile longer than the 15-mile distance for Miami at about 90 minutes, which isn’t too bad. I followed this with a 5-mile run at 44 mins. I then ran back to my truck, which added another 1.5 miles or so. For the whole day, I totaled about 2:30. Feeling good and more confident each day out.

The biggest gain I’m seeing right now is my recovery. I am on a really clean plant-based diet, and I recover from these days so quickly that I can get back out the next day. I actually have to force myself to take recovery days. I know these help, but most days, I just want to get back out and continue building my speed, strength, and endurance.

About Jim Newell

Associate Professor of English, Daytona State College / Thinker / Ponce Inlet Surfer / Improviser / Dad
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