Report for the Week of Monday, 4 Feb. – Sunday, 10 Feb.

After my long ride at Santos and a fairly involved week of training I decided to take Monday off. It is not only a good day to rest but also a great day to get a leg up on work for the week and make some extra time for training. My injuries are just about gone; I still have some latent soreness in my ribs when I do a bunch of core in the gym, and my elbow gives me some grieve in very awkward ways (like putting away dishes in the upper cabinets and hanging bikes in the garage), but it doesn’t bother me in the pool, and I barely have to hold back in the gym. Onward…

In the last few years I’ve really been enjoying the world of podcast, and the other day, I was listening to the Rich Roll podcast with Byron Davis, who missed the Olympic swim team by 3/10 of a second, and I found him to be quite the inspiring speaker. Around the 1:34 mark in the podcast, he says, “What’s wrong not knowing? I think in our Western Culture, we learn, and it becomes ingrained in us that we have to have the solution or the answer before we begin, but yet life doesn’t play out that way, so if you’re starting at a point where you really don’t know then that’s the first obstacle. What can we learn from it? Well, let’s explore what the possibilities and the opportunities that are available that then start to resonate with your strengths and your passions.”

Podcast conversations don’t always translate perfectly to the written word, but Davis is definitely onto what I, and many others, feel is one of the biggest hurdles that get in people’s way. I see this in so many my of students all the time; they think they should know the answer right away before they even begin the process of thinking and exploring, and when we amplify this to a cultural level, the problems can manifest into extreme social, cultural, and personal problems. We have to want challenge, we have to embrace struggle, we must make our peace with failure, and we must explore the possibilities that we have to grow from the struggles and the failure and come out the other side stronger and more knowledgeable. Only then can we grow as individuals and as a culture of beings.

With all of this in mind, I look at my busy life and the host of passions and interests I have and realize my life is a constant reminder of the healthy ebb and flow process listed above and exemplified in the following.

Tuesday, 5 Feb.
I started the day with a 40-minute non-stop swim with varying intervals, and though my elbow has some weirdness getting in and out of the pool, it doesn’t bother me once I get rolling. I finished my day with 45 minutes in the gym; I hit all muscle groups with mainly body weight – leg lifts, crunches, wall swat etc… – and some light free weights for upper body, a few lunges, and calf raises. Feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, 6 Feb.
I began with a pre-dawn headlamp-illuminated 40+-minute run at Dairy at about 4.5 miles or so. Once back, I hopped on the bike for a moderate lap with Bob. I did find a couple of interval moments back in Kaye Paul – I just can’t help it – such a fun section of single track. Bob was out of time, and I called it a morning. Work was beckoning.

Run note:
I wore my New Balance Minimus and felt fast and solid, but I can tell they are harder on my body, especially my knees. I hope I can grow into them. I enjoy feeling the trail, but I may need to get something like them in fit and minimal drop but with a softer sole.

Thursday, 7 Feb.
Made my way to the pool for another good swim: 45 minutes total – 30 straight with one hard interval to gasping, 12-13 minutes at race pace with a 2-minute or so cool down. But I opted out of gym because I was running on a horrible night of sleep. I decided to take the kids over to my Mom’s, and while they were playing and riding the trial, I raked the whole loop and then rode two fast laps. It is not packed in yet, so it is quite the workout.

Friday, 8 Feb.
Once again Bob, Christian and I made it out to Chuck Lennon for a fun Friday ride.

Still in motion.

Still in motion.

The deep of a breath.

The deep of a breath.

I was able to get in about 2 hours / 20 miles and much of it was at race pace / above tempo and felt great.  I maintained pace even as I could feel the lactic acid building in my quads. It was a great day out. I’ve been riding more conservatively lately, obviously. So, I stayed on the bike the whole time, but Christian came off once.

Saturday, 9 Feb.
I took the day off, but I took the kids over to my Mom’s for play time with some friends while their mom went for a trail run with Jen. I ran a bit on the trails. It wasn’t much of workout, but is was certainly fun.

Sunday, 10 Feb.
I finished the week strong at Martin’s Dairy: two laps on the bike plus a little bonus down the road and around Compromise – 1:33 at about 15.5 miles followed by run out to Sunset Bluff and around – 52 mins at about 5.8 miles. I pretty much covered the terrestrial part of the Miami Xterra, and Christian joined me for the second bike lap and the run.

Condition Report:
Dairy in is quite bad shape right now. We haven’t had any measurable rain in what seems like forever. The trail is super soft and the air quality is suffering from dust from everywhere and smoke from the burning of the roller chop, though the smoke was much less on Sunday than on Wednesday. We need rain!

Weekly Total:
8 hours or so at 53 miles – swimming not included in miles – 42.5 on the bike and 10.5 on foot.

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Associate Professor of English, Daytona State College / Thinker / Ponce Inlet Surfer / Improviser / Dad
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