Report for the Week of Sunday, 20 Jan. – Saturday, 26 Jan.

Since I began ramping-up my training, I’ve felt I need a bit more recovery time. It probably has to do with the three crashes and the ensuing injuries, which have yet to fully heal, but whatever the reason, I tried a bit of a new sequence this week. It wasn’t necessarily intentional; my body just felt tired, and my mind could not handle another crash or injury. The week worked out to a relatively consistent day-on-day-off pattern. My ribs are just about healed now, but my elbow is still quite sore and giving me some dysfunctional trouble, so I was left with run and bike, which I rotated throughout the week – both hard and easy days in the mix.

Highlight of the Week
On Saturday, Shael and I headed out to Chuck Lennon Park in DeLeon Springs for his first ride out there.

Shael was ready before me on this cold morning (48F). Here he is getting warmed up while I put on some layers.

Shael was ready before me on this cold morning (48F). Here he is getting warmed up while I put on some layers.

Most of the park is still above his ability level, so we spent our time on Screaming Hawk. The loop is not easy, but it is the park’s “XC” trail and is bit over 2.5 miles. The soil at the park is a mix of standard Florida sand/dirt and clay, which creates a considerably harder surface conditions and an overall faster ride than we have in Smyrna. We took it conservatively, as I did not want Shael to have a serious crash and ruin his excitement and rapidly increasing skill-set.

We finished a loop and stopped in a nice patch of sunshine for a short water break and some warm rays. I left our next decision up to Shael, and without a moment of contemplation we were off for another lap.

Quick self-portrait just before rolling into Screaming Hawk.

Quick self-portrait just before rolling into Screaming Hawk.

This time, we did not take it nearly as conservatively, and I let Shael hit the more difficult features that we bypassed on our first lap. We started our ride toward the end of the normal starting place because we accessed the trail from the street. Just past the “Hub”(the normal starting place), there is a feature of the trail that he wanted to try. It is a fast, quick downhill that banks hard to the right through two large trees and then runs quickly back up to the main trail. I allowed an attempt, and though he made it through the trees, it was nerve-racking because he lost grip of his brakes and went too fast, almost clipping one of the trees.

We walked back up the hill to the main trail and continued on. The next feature he attempted is a fun little ladder bridge that goes through some trees. I coached him a bit on maintaining speed and recommended that he hit it fast and strong. He cleared it easily on his first attempt. Big smiles and an “attaboy” from Dad, and we headed on to finish the rest of the trail. We stopped again at our access point, and though he wanted to “do another one daddy,” we were out of time. Home bound. Total: Just under 6 miles at about 55 minutes. Not a bad day out.

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