We Need Rain and/or a BBQ

I hit up the Dairy this morning with fairly high expectations for the conditions. I mean we did a ton of trail work last weekend, and when I was out there mid-week, it was in great shape. But…

1) We are in bad need of rain, so it is quite soft, even with the sections that have been groomed and dug out. It is not nearly as bad as it was in late summer, but it seems a lot of the work is drifting away in the wind.

2) The repercussion of the roller-chop are beginning to surface. The animals have been displaced and are quite rampantly looking for new living and feeding grounds. In the many years that I’ve been using the trails, I haven’t seen so much hog damage. Usually it is in one area and spotty, but today, the damage was all over the system, aside from the new Compromise Trail.

So, I guess aside from having a hunt and big BBQ, the only thing we can do is wait until things settle back down, and the animals figure out where to live.

About Jim Newell

Associate Professor of English, Daytona State College / Thinker / Ponce Inlet Surfer / Improviser / Dad
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1 Response to We Need Rain and/or a BBQ

  1. jenveitch says:

    The title to this post is hilarious. I’m sure we could find some good ol’ boys who would love to poach the preserve! 🙂

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